Jennifer A. 11.10.16

January 23rd, 2017   •   no comments   

It’s laid back, clean and organized AND not ritzy that it makes you uncomfortable. I had made an appt for an hour massage off a 2 hour gift certificate, due to my error I didn’t realize you couldn’t break them up. I offered to reschedule and the staff was so accommodating that they were able to do the full 2 hrs and get me off to my next appt on time. The massage itself was AMAZING and the person I was originally to see called in sick. Serenity called to ask if I wanted to reschedule or move to Nicole. (Earlier that AM) I had never been there before so it was no problem for me to take Nicole. Soo glad it worked out that way! NICOLE WAS GREAT!!! And I will never have less than a 2 HR massage. She nailed all the spots needing attention in the right amount of time.
I will be back to Serenity and I will request Nicole. Thanks for making a day great!!

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