Haley V. 05.10.2020

May 27th, 2020   •   Comments Off on Haley V. 05.10.2020   

The check in process can be hectic when the office is busy, which doesn’t make for a relaxing experience. I guess it being located in a chiropractic office makes for a sterile, not so serine environment so it should be expected.

-Business Response

Sincere apologies Haley! That particular afternoon we had a rare off afternoon upfront and our staff needed a moment to regroup and settle things down! So much so we brought in cookies for everyone to reset the otherwise crazy afternoon and turn things around for the better that day. I apologize if your experience was not relaxing and I do hope you give us another chance in the future and I’m sure you will see that hectic and sterile is not the typical experience at Serenity Massage or Chiropractic First! Best wishes!

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