This is my first massage, what should I expect?

During your first visit to our office, we will have you fill out a brief medical history form. This form helps the massage therapist understand any conditions that may affect your massage. After this form is filled out, the therapist will accompany you to the massage suite where they will go over the form with and ask questions concerning your massage goals. We encourage you to express all questions or concerns. The therapist will instruct you on undressing to your comfort level and will leave the room to allow you to prepare for your massage.

What articles of clothing am I supposed to remove for my massage?

Your massage therapist will ask you to dress down to your comfort level. We understand that you are not going to relax if you are uncomfortable in any way. To help you feel more secure and at ease, we can work around and through any article of clothing. You may also bring in shorts, compression shorts or a bathing suit if this makes you feel more comfortable and secure during your massage.

I am self-conscious about certain parts of my body. What do I do?

People are self-conscious for different reasons. It may be concerns of being overweight, having excessive body hair, acne, scars or burns. You should never let these concerns keep you from experiencing massage therapy. If you are nervous or have concerns about certain parts of your body, you can ask the massage therapist to avoid those areas. You can also wear clothing or ask to keep the sheet covered in these areas. Massage can be administered through linens and articles of clothing.

Will I be covered during my massage?

You will always be covered with a sheet and a blanket. The massage therapist will only uncover the body area that is currently being worked on and then recover that area when it is finished.

Do I have to have a full body massage?

No you to not have to have a full body massage. This is your massage and we will customize it according to you needs. Discuss you massage session goals with your therapist prior to the start of your massage.

Will the massage therapist be in the room when I undress?

The massage therapist will give you instructions of what to expect before the massage starts. The therapist will leave the room to allow you the privacy of undressing. The therapist will always knock and ask if you are ready to begin before entering the massage suite.

Am I supposed to talk during the massage?

Some people prefer to talk during the massage. This is your time to close your eyes and relax. Your massage therapist will follow your lead and engage in conversation, if you choose. During a deep tissue or trigger point massage, the therapist may ask for feedback on the pressure and comfort level. We encourage our clients to speak up if the room temperature is too hot or cold, they are experiencing pain, the pressure is too light or deep, have any questions related to the massage or there was anything you have forgot to mention during the consultation.

Why do I need to drink extra water after my massage?

It is always important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Your therapist will ask you to drink extra water after a massage to help remove the toxins and rehydrate your muscles. During your massage, the toxins and metabolic waste are released from your muscles and moved into your lymphatic and circulatory system. The extra water helps flush these toxins and waste out of your body.

Does massage have to hurt to do some good?

This is a common misconception about massage therapy. An effective massage is about the technique not the muscle and pain. Massage does not have to hurt to help. You can receive therapeutic benefits from a relaxing massage, as well as a trigger point or deep tissue massage. If you are in pain or tightening your muscles, it will work against the goals of the massage. Don’t be afraid to tell your massage therapist if the pressure is too much and you are in pain.

Am I supposed to leave a tip?

A tip is not required for the massage therapist. Some people choose to leave a tip and some do not. Either way is always acceptable and does not affect your service.

How often should I receive massage therapy?

the choice to use massage therapy as a part of your health care and wellness is ultimately yours. As a rule, your massage therapist will educate you on the benefits of massage and the continued maintenance of your health goals. Normally, we recommend having a massage every 4-6 weeks to keep your body in optimum performance. Although, there are times when your body is stressed, overworked, or injured that your therapist will recommend extra massages in a shorter period to help relieve those trouble areas.

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